Monthly Messages to Mirjana

Monthly Messages to Mirjana

January 2, 2005 “Dear children, my motherly heart begs you to accept prayer, because it is your salvation! Pray, pray, pray, my children.”

March 2, 2005 “Dear children, do as I do! Come, give your love and give everyone an example of my son!”

April 2, 2005 Mirjana: I would not call this a message. Our Lady blessed everyone and all the things that were to be blessed, with her motherly blessing, but she again stressed that the most important blessing is from the priest.
– Our Lady said: “At this point I’m asking you to renew the Church!”
– Mirjana asked: Is this possible can we do it?
– Our Lady replied: “My children, but I will be with you. My Apostles, I’ll be with you and help you. Renew first yourself and your family and then everything will be easier.”
– Then, Mirjana said: Then Mother, just be with us.

May 2, 2005 “Dear children, I am with you that I can take you all to my Son. I wish to lead you all to salvation. Follow me, because in just this way you will find true peace and happiness. My little children come with me!”

July 2, 2005 “Dear Children, as your mother, I rejoice with you, for as a mother I invited you. I am bringing my Son to you. My Son, Your God. Cleanse your hearts and bow your head before your only God. Let my motherly heart leap with joy. Thank you.”

August 2, 2005 “Dear children, I came to you with open arms, so that I could take you all into my arms, under my mantle. I cannot do this while your hearts are filled with false light and false idols. Clean them and let my angels sing in them. Then, I will take you under my mantle and give you my Son, true peace, and happiness. Do not wait my children. Thank you!”

September 2, 2005 “Dear children, I, as a mother come to and am showing you how much your God, your Father loves you. And you? Where are you, my children? What takes the first place in your hearts? Why do you not put my Son in the first place? My Children, allow God’s blessings to fall upon you. Let God’s peace overcome you. Peace, that my Son gives, only He.”

October 2, 2005 “Dear children, I come to you as a mother. I bring to you my Son, peace, and love. Cleanse your hearts, and take my Son with you. Give others this true peace and happiness.”

December 2, 2005 “Dear children, let it be at this holy time, that love and the grace of my Son descends upon you. Only a pure heart, filled with prayer and compassion can feel the love of my Son. Pray for those who do not have the grace to feel the love of my Son. My children, help me! Thank you.”