Monthly Messages to Mirjana

January 2, 2008 “Dear children! With all the strength of my heart, I love you and give myself to you. As a mother fights for her children, I pray and fight for you. I ask you not to be afraid to open yourselves, so as to be able to love with the heart and give yourselves to others. The more that you do this with the heart, the more you will receive and the better you will understand my Son and His gift to you. Through the love of my Son and me, may you all be recognized. Thank you.”
Our Lady blessed all those present and religious articles brought for blessing. She asked for prayer and fasting for our shepherds.

February 2, 2008 “Dear Children, I am with you. As a mother I am gathering you, because I was to erase from your hearts, that which I see now. Accept the love of my Son and erase from your hearts fear, pain, suffering and disappointment. I have chosen you in a special way to be a light of the love of my Son. Thank you.”

March 2, 2008 “Dear Children, Please especially during this Lenten season, respond to God’s goodness, because He has chosen you and me He has sent to be among you. Cleanse yourselves of sin and in Jesus, my Son, recognize the peaceful sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Let Him be the purpose in your lives. May your lives be in service of the Divine love of my Son. Thank you my children.”

Our Lady Blessed us all and all our religious articles and again, she asked us to pray for our Shepherds.

April 2, 2008 “Dear children, Also today as I am with you in the great love of God I desire to ask you: Are you also with me? Are your hearts open for me? Do you permit me with my love to purify and prepare them for my Son? My children, you have been chosen because, in your time, the great grace of God has descended on earth. Do not hesitate to accept it. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed everyone present and all the religious articles. As she was leaving, behind her in the blueness was a most beautiful warm light.

May 2, 2008 “Dear children, By God’s will I am here with you in this place. I desire that you open your hearts to me and to accept me as a mother. With my love I will teach you simplicity of life and richness of mercy and I will lead you to my Son. The way to Him can be difficult and painful but do not be afraid, I will be with you. My hands will hold you to the very end, to eternal happiness; therefore do not be afraid to open yourselves to me. Thank you. Pray for priests. My Son gave them to you as a gift.”

June 2, 2008 “Dear children, I am with you by the grace of God, to make you great. Great in faith and love, all of you. You whose hearts have been made hard as a stone by sin and guilt*, and you devout souls, I desire to illuminate with a new light. Pray that my prayer may meet open hearts. That I may be able to illuminate them with the strength of faith and open the ways of love and hope. Be persevering. I will be with you.”

Our Lady blessed all those present, and all religious articles brought for blessing.
*As Our Lady said this, she was looking at those present to whom this referred to, with a painful expression and tears in her eyes.

July 2, 2008 “Dear children! With motherly love I desire to encourage you to love your neighbor. Let my Son be the source of that love. He, who could have done everything by force, chose love and gave an example to you. Also today, through me, God expresses to you immeasurable goodness, and you my children are obliged to respond to it. Behave with the same goodness and generosity towards the souls whom you meet. May your love convert them. In that way my Son and His love will arise in you. Thank you.”

Our Lady added: “Your shepherds should be in your hearts and your prayers.”

August 2, 2008 “Dear children; In my coming to you, here among you, the greatness of God is reflected and the way with God to eternal happiness is opened. Do not feel weak, alone or abandoned. With faith, prayer and love climb to the hill of salvation. May the Mass, the most exalted and most powerful act of your prayer, be the center of your spiritual life. Trust and love, my children. Those whom my Son chose and called will help you in this as well. To you and to them especially, I give my motherly blessing. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed all people present, and all religious articles brought for blessing.

September 2, 2008 “Dear children, Today, with my motherly heart, I call you gathered around me to love your neighbor. My children, stop. Look in the eyes of your brother and see Jesus, my Son. If you see joy, rejoice with him. If there is pain in the eyes of your brother, with your tenderness and goodness, cast it away, because without love you are lost. Only love is effective; it works miracles. Love will give you unity in my Son and victory of my heart. Therefore, my children, love.”

Our Lady blessed all those who were present, and all of the religious articles. Once again she called us to pray for our shepherds.

October 2, 2008 “Dear children; Again I call you to faith. My motherly heart desires for your heart to be open, so that it could say to your heart: believe. My children, only faith will give you strength in life’s trials. It will renew your soul and open the way of hope. I am with you. I gather you around me because I desire to help you, so that you can help your neighbors to discover faith, which is the only joy and happiness of life. Thank you.”
Our Lady blessed all those present, and all religious articles. Once again she called us to pray for priests, especially at this time.

November 2, 2008 “Dear children, today I call you to a complete union with God. Your body is on earth, but I ask that your souls, as often as possible be in God’s nearness. You will achieve this through prayer, prayer with an open heart. In that way you will thank God for the immeasurable goodness which He gives to you through me and, with a sincere heart, you will accept the obligation to treat the souls whom you meet with equal goodness. Thank you, my children.”
Our Lady added, “With the heart I pray to God to give strength and love to your shepherds to help you in this and to lead you.”

December 2, 2008 “Dear children; In this holy time of joyful expectation, God has chosen you little ones to realize His great intentions. My children, be humble. Through your humility, God, with His wisdom, will make of your souls a chosen home. You will illuminate it with good works and thus, with an open heart, you will welcome the birth of my Son in all of His generous love. Thank you dear children.”