Monthly Messages to Mirjana

The 2nd of the Month Messages
Given to Mirjana 

Beginning on August 2, 1987 Our Lady began appearing to Mirjana on the 2nd of every month to pray with her for unbelievers. Our Lady defines unbelievers as: Those who have not yet experienced God’s love. These 2nd of the month apparitions were private for about 10 years. Then, in 1997, Our Lady asked that the apparitions be made public. In fall 2004 Our Lady began to give public messages during most of the apparitions, and at present, messages are being given on every 2nd of the month. When Mirjana was asked if these messages are only meant for unbelievers, she responded that they were for everyone. The 2nd of the month messages from 2004-2009 were translated from Croatian to English by my wife Ana Shawl, and from 2009-2012, by Miki Musa, who is one of the senior guides in Medjugorje.

October 2, 2004 “Dear children, today, watching you with a heart full of love, I want to tell you that, what you persistently seek, what you long for, my little children, is before you. It is sufficient with a clean heart to put my Son in the first place, and then you will see. Listen to me and let me lead you on this motherly way.

November 2, 2004 “Dear children, I need you. I call you and ask for your help. Make peace with yourselves, with God and with your neighbors. Then help me. Convert unbelievers. Wipe the tears from my face.”

December 2, 2004 “Dear children, I come to you as a mother, who, above all, loves her children. My children, I want to teach you to love! I pray for this! I pray that in each of your neighbors you recognize my Son, because the path to my Son, who is true peace and love, leads you through love towards your neighbors. My children, pray and fast that your hearts be open for this my intention.”