Monthly Messages to Mirjana

April 2, 2007 “Dear children, Do not be hard hearted towards the mercy of God, which has been pouring out upon you for so long a time. In this special time of prayer, permit me to transform your hearts so that you may help me to have my Son resurrect in all hearts, and that my heart may triumph. Thank you!”
Mirjana said, Our Lady added: “Your shepherds need your prayers.” Our Lady blessed all of us, and all religious articles, and once again emphasized that she gives her motherly blessing. But the greatest blessing is the blessing from the priests.

May 2, 2007 “Dear children, today I come to you with a motherly desire that you give me your hearts. My children, do so with complete confidence and without fear. I will put in your hearts my Son and His mercy. Then you, my children, with different eyes, see the world around you. You will see your neighbor. You will feel his pain and suffering. You will not turn your head from those who suffer, because my son is turning their heads. Children, do not hesitate.”

June 2, 2007 “Dear children! Also in this difficult time God’s love sends me to you. My children, do not be afraid, I am with you. With complete trust give me your hearts, that I may help you to recognize the signs of the time in which you live. I will help you to come to know the love of my Son. I will triumph through you. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed all of us, and all religious articles brought for blessing. Once again She reminded us to pray for priests, and that a priest’s blessing is a blessing from Her Son Jesus.

July 2, 2007 “Dear children! In the great love of God, I come to you today to lead you on the way of humility and meekness. The first station on that way, my children, is confession. Reject your arrogance and kneel down before my Son. Comprehend, my children, that you have nothing and you can do nothing. The only thing that you have and that you possess is sin. Be cleansed and accept meekness and humility. My Son could have won with strength, but He chose meekness, humility and love. Follow my Son and give me your hands so that, together, we may climb the mountain* and win. Thank you.”

Again Our Lady spoke about the importance of priests, and their blessing. *Our Lady referred to this as a spiritual climb.

August 2, 2007 “Dear children, Today I look in your hearts and looking at them my heart seizes with pain. My children! I desire from you unconditional, pure love for God. You will know that you are on the right path when with your body you are on the earth, and with your soul you are always with God. Through this unconditional and pure love you will see my Son in every person. You will feel in union with God. As a Mother I will be happy because I will have your holy and unified hearts. My children, I will have your salvation. Thank you.”

At the beginning of the apparition Our Lady showed Mirjana what is waiting for us if there is not the holiness in our hearts, and our brotherly union in Christ. It was not nice. She asked us to pray for our shepherds because she said that without them there is no unity.

September 2, 2007 “Dear children, In this time of God’s signs, do not be afraid because I am with you. The great love of God sends me to lead you to salvation. Give me your simple hearts, purified by fasting and prayer. Only in the simplicity of your hearts is your salvation. I will be with you and lead you. Thank you.”

October 2, 2007 “Dear children, I call you to accompany me in my mission of God with an open heart and complete trust. The path on which I lead you towards God is difficult, but persistent and in the end we will all rejoice in God. Therefore, my children, do not stop praying for the gift of faith. Only faith in God’s Word will be the light in this darkness which desires to envelop us. Do not be afraid, I am with you. Thank you.”

Mirjana described that at the end of the apparition, she saw an intense strong light as Heaven was opening, and Our Lady was entering into Heaven through that light.

November 2, 2007 “Dear children, Today I call you to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit and permit Him to transform you. My children, God is the immeasurable good and therefore, as a mother, I implore you: Pray, pray, pray, fast and hope that it is possible to achieve good, because from that good love is born. The Holy Spirit will strengthen that love in you and you will be able to call God your Father. Through this exalted love, you will truly come to love all people and, through God, you will regard them as brothers and sisters. Thank you.”

While Our Lady was blessing, She said: “On the way on which I lead you to my Son, those who represent Him walk beside me.”

December 2, 2007 She blessed all of us, and all religious articles. Our Lady was very sad. All the time her eyes were filled with tears.
“Dear children! Today, while I am looking at your hearts, my heart is filled with pain and trepidation. My children, stop for a moment and look into your hearts. Is my Son, your God truly in the first place? Are His commandments truly the measure of your life? I am warning you again: without faith there is neither closeness of God nor the word of God which is the light of salvation and the light of common sense.”

Mirjana added: I painfully asked Our Lady not to leave us, and not to take her hands away from us. She painfully smiled at my request and left. This time Our Lady did not say: Thank you.